Mobile vegan guide
№1 in Russia and CIS


It is the first in Russia Vegetarian Guide.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, then this application is created for you.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to find a place where a vegetarian will feel comfortable and easy, where there are dishes suitable for both the vegetarian and the vegan.

It is actual in the hometown, and especially if you travel and you are in an unfamiliar city for you.


We, the creators of the application, are vegetarians too and we faced with the problem of search the restaurant or other places, where serves the meals, suitable for vegetarians and vegans repeatedly.

Let’s be honest, in 80% of place of public catering the vegetarian has nothing to eat!

This problem is solved once and for all now with help of the Vegetarian Guide «Happy Cow».

The mobile Guide allows very quickly, just in a couple of contacts, to orient and to find a vegetarian restaurant, a shop, a bakery, a yoga center and any other friendly institution for vegetarian in any city in Russia (and in the future in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine).

Install the application «Happy Cow» on your smartphone or tablet, and it itself will define your location and provide a list (or map) of next to your institutions, anyway connected with vegetarianism. Application pave the shortest way to the chosen object. You will need just to call and reserve a table.





Features of functionality:

  • Interactive map that defines nearest vegetarian places by your location.
    Routing from point of your location to the chosen restaurant or cafe.
  • The possibility of direct call (in one contact) directly from the application.
  • The possibility to visit to the website of the cafe or restaurant, or send e-mail.
  • The possibility to share by impressions with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or via SMS.
  • The possibility to add a review about the restaurant or read what others vegetarians think about this place.

We are happy to receive your comments and remarks.

Suggestions and ideas for improving the functionality of the application send us on our e-mail

We always listen to your advice.